I've been texting with you a lot, and I enjoy it a lot and that's why I have been sleeping less and now I'm always tired a lot.

I've been cramping all day

And I'm back in Tampico, I was promise a weekend full of fun and so far nothing good has come up. My dad ask me today if I would stay the whole week so I'll be at my mom's birthday celebration. I didn't answer anything, of course I would love to stay but I'm not sure how my mom would feel about me not going to school all week...

Long absense

It's been so long since the last time I use LJ, (other than to keep track of the episodes I've been watching) and wow things have change. Not going into detail as I'm sure you have noticed them too. I hope (like all years) that I'll be more active, I believe I will be now that I rediscover how much procastination one can do here ;). Yeep keeping up with New Yea's resolutions.

Not sure if anyone still reads my "blog" but I hope you have a wonderfull holiday's. Enjoy your last days of break because I know I will ;)


I've been complaining for the last 2 weeks about how busy I have been with tests and school work.
I have bee free for one and a half day and I feel the necessity to get busy.
I'm not looking forward to my three day weekend.
I really think I'm the only person who wishes we have classes on Friday.
(Or friends to hang out on the weekends)


Happy thoughts, sad thoughts, thoughts that only cause anxiety, over thinking, my greatest problem. I can't just only dream, happy dreams, sad dreams, dreams became thoughts, thoughts that stay in me for hours, months and sometimes years... I dream yesterday, I dreamed I agree to go back to work to Disney, but this time for a year, after I graduate from collage. I don't remember the rest of the dream, but it was pure anxiety. I wake up with a horrible headache, and body ache, cause by an 24 hours photography class in Mexico City (amazing!). That's how my dream started. I tweet yesterday night right before I came back: "The tiredness I'm feeling can only compare when I worked at Disney".

With that simple tweet my whole nightmare begin. Should I go? But then what would happen when I come back to mexico? I'll have to start over from zero, I'm pretty sure I'll have to stay at my parents and everything I have being working for will just ruin or be in hold. Maybe I will save some money (while working over at Disney), so i can stay at mexico city for a couple of months and find a job (like I have always want to do). Maybe that's too complicated and I should just apply again for summer, but what about my intership? (that I intend to get over at the summer) and what if that intership leads to a real paying job? That's the plan, like everyone else in the world. If I want to go again just for the summer, I have to make a decision by January when the paperwork starts, if not I guess I still have time because I still have 2 years before I end school (counting this semester).

I have problems

I just arrive here a little over a week and I already manage to finish watching the complete season of: Suburgatory, Pretty Little Liars, Girls and finish watching 2 episode left from: Games of Thrones & House M.D

And I still want to start watching Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey . But now I'll take thing easy, combining this with movies and actually doing some homework, going out, maybe exercising and trying not to be an ermine.