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Happy thoughts, sad thoughts, thoughts that only cause anxiety, over thinking, my greatest problem. I can't just only dream, happy dreams, sad dreams, dreams became thoughts, thoughts that stay in me for hours, months and sometimes years... I dream yesterday, I dreamed I agree to go back to work to Disney, but this time for a year, after I graduate from collage. I don't remember the rest of the dream, but it was pure anxiety. I wake up with a horrible headache, and body ache, cause by an 24 hours photography class in Mexico City (amazing!). That's how my dream started. I tweet yesterday night right before I came back: "The tiredness I'm feeling can only compare when I worked at Disney".

With that simple tweet my whole nightmare begin. Should I go? But then what would happen when I come back to mexico? I'll have to start over from zero, I'm pretty sure I'll have to stay at my parents and everything I have being working for will just ruin or be in hold. Maybe I will save some money (while working over at Disney), so i can stay at mexico city for a couple of months and find a job (like I have always want to do). Maybe that's too complicated and I should just apply again for summer, but what about my intership? (that I intend to get over at the summer) and what if that intership leads to a real paying job? That's the plan, like everyone else in the world. If I want to go again just for the summer, I have to make a decision by January when the paperwork starts, if not I guess I still have time because I still have 2 years before I end school (counting this semester).
Tags: decisions, disney, dreams, goals, summer, thoughts
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